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  • Energy & Resources

    South Korea, which imports 97 percent of its energy and minerals, has been struggling to gain more crude oil and other raw materials amid the recent international price hike. Raw materials

    National Dependency on Resources
    National Dependency on Resources
    Korea U.S. France China Japan
    Oil 100 48.8 87.6 33.7 78.5
    Iron 99.3 20.6 98.5 35.7 97.9
    Copper 43.2 47.4 100 22.9 5.8

    * Source : Korea Resources Corp.

    National Self-sufficiency Rate(2005)
    National Self-sufficiency Rate(2005)
    Korea France Spain China Japan
    4.1% 95% 44% 14% 9.8%

    * Source : Ministry of Knowledgy & Economy, Republic of Korea

    Korea industrials have begun securing raw materials abroad either through development or acquisition.

  • Real Estate

    Given extremely limited real estate investment options at home Korean investors are setting their sights on the larger overseas’ market.

    Domestic Investment,Foreign Investment

    JBAM Real Estate

  • Private Equity
  • Securities

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